Welcome to the “Diversity and Inclusion” (D&I) Program created for you by the DIMAIN project team, which aims to present important knowledge and understanding as well as practical materials and tolls to enable you to:

  • Raise awareness about D&I concept and introduce benefits of its management;
  • Understand the Diversity Management in Organizations – how it works and what challenges appear in this process;
  • Lay basics for creation and maintenance of D&I culture in the organization;
  • Introduce KPI’s for Monitoring of D&I management in the organization. 

The D&I Program entities 2 Modules, which are divided into face to face (F2F) and Online parts:

  • F2F training | 16 hours (content material for the theory-lecture, exercises, cases to discuss and questions for the discussions, practical tasks, questionnaires for deeper understanding)
  • Online learning | 8 hours (additional theoretical material, further readings, handouts (questionnaires, checklists and relevant templates), quiz)

If you didn’t participate at the F2F trainings, D&I Program is ready for you to download here for self-learning.

This D&I Program is designed, but not limited to representatives of organizations (SME, NGO, public authorities and others), where D&I context and understanding should be developed and D&I culture is either new area for development or should be revised. 

It’s expected, that participants before the training will have low-moderate understanding of the topics. The Program should serve to build-increase your awareness of D&I issues and empower to take actions needed for D&I culture development in your organizations and/or community.